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Taylor Raz as Green Lantern Girl
Kendra James as Madame Malice
Amiee Cambridge as Assistant District Attorney Sweetspot and BAD Girl


Girl Girl kissing, nudity, fondling, oral sex, vibrator titillation, tickling, bondage and domination. Superheroine costumes, fight scenes, campy dialogue, power ring removal, helplessness, capture and humorous satirical commentary.

Story Line:

White slavery CEO, Madame Malice, wants to add Green Lantern Girl and Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Sweetspot to the Madame Malice criminal empire.

Plot Synopsis:

Green Lantern Girl fights, defeats and captures Madame Malice. The heroine turns the villainess over to ADA Sweetspot. ADA Sweetspot and Green Lantern Girl have victory sex. Through corruption, Madame Malice evades justice. ADA Sweetspot joins Madame Malice as the evil sidekick, BAD Girl. The evil pair defeats, depowers, captures and has a lot of fun with Green Lantern Girl. Oh no! Is this the end!

Length: 41 minutes

Points of Contact:

Tyr Garm
Writer and Executive Producer

Ron Hunt
Producer and Director

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